Новости IOTA (20 июля 2020 г.)

Опубликована информация об активности радиолюбителей с островов по дипломной программе «Islands On The Air» (IOTA). Также перечислены некоторые действующие операции IOTA, которые были активны на прошлой неделе с 12 по 18 июля (по DXCluster). Составил её Tedd Mirgliotta KB8NW по сообщениям, полученным от друзей программы. Изображения добавлены из других различных источников.

IOTA News from OPDX

20 July, 2020



CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

Island activities:

    IOTA     Callsign       Island/GROUP  Bands/Modes
   ------    ----------     ------------- ------------
   AF-004    EA8DEG         Canary        20m; SSB
   AF-004    EA8NF          Canary        20m; SSB
   AF-004    EA8OW          Canary        20m; SSB
   AF-005    D44PM          Santiago      20m; SBB
   AF-018    IH9YMC         Pantelleria   20m; CW
   AF-057    5R8UI          Nosy Be       20m; Digi
   AS-004    5B60AIX        Cyprus        20m; SSB
   AS-020    BU4AA          Taiwan        40m; Digi
   AS-107    E20WXA/P  Gulf of Thailand N 20m; Digi
   AS-201    TA0TA         Sea of Marmara 40m; SSB
   EU-002    OH0Z           Aland         15m; Digi
   EU-004    EA6Y           Balearic      20m; SSB
   EU-004    EC6DX          Balearic      40/20m; SSB
   EU-005    GM6ZAK         Scotland      60m
   EU-005    GR2HQ          Great Britain 80/40/20m; SSB
   EU-005    M0MCV          Great Britain 80m; Digi
   EU-005    M1C            Great Britain 20m; SSB
   EU-005    MM0HVU         Scotland      60m
   EU-005    MX0SNB         Great Britain 20m
   EU-018    OY1CT          Faroe         10m; CW
   EU-020    SM1ALH         Gotland       20m; SSB
   EU-021    TF5B           Iceland       10m; Digi
   EU-023    9H1XT          Malta         30m; CW
   EU-024    IS0/DL8JJ/M    Sardini       40m; CW
   EU-024    IS0FDW         Sardini       20m; SSB
   EU-025    IB9A           Sicily        40m; SSB
   EU-028    IK1MNF/IA5     Toscana       40/10m; SSB
   EU-029    OZ/DL2JRM      Sjaelland     40/30/20m; CW/SSB
   EU-029    OZ0MJ          Sjaelland     20m; SSB
   EU-038    PE75OUW/P      Noord Holland 20m; SSB
   EU-047    DJ4EL/P        Niedersachsen 40m; SSB
   EU-050    IL7/IK6PRN     Puglia        20m; CW
   EU-056    LB0OG/P      More Og Romsdal 20m; Digi
   EU-097    OH3OJ/2        Etela-Suomi   20/17m; CW/Digi
   EU-115    EI6JK          Ireland       20m; SSB
   EU-115    EI9HX          Ireland       20m; SSB
   EU-115    GI4MBM         Ireland       10m; SSB
   EU-132    SN066POL       Karsibor      80m; CW
   EU-171    5Q5W           Jylland North 40/20/10m; CW
   EU-171    OV9M           Jylland North 20m; SSB
   EU-172    OZ/DB4ST       Samsoe        40/20/17/10m; SSB
   EU-185    RU6DX/P   Krasnodarskiy Kray 40/20m; CW/SSB
   NA-097    6Y6STAYHOME    Jamaica       40m; Digi
   NA-108    J69DS          St. Lucia     10m; Digi
   OC-001    VK6MIT         Australia     40m; Digi
   OC-016    3D2AG Viti Levu & Vanua Levu 40m; Digi
   OC-019    KH6OO          Hawaiian      20m; CW
   OC-032    FK8IK          New Caldonia  20m; CW
   OC-036    ZL1WN          NZ North      20m; SSB
   OC-139    VK5KI          Kangaroo      40/30/20/17/15m; CW/SSB/FT8
   OC-172    VK3TST/4    QLD State Centre 20m; SSB
   OC-184    V85AHV         Brunei        20m; Digi
   OC-228    VK5MAV/P       Granite       20m; CW
   SA-002    VP8LP          Falkland      20m; SSB
   SA-006    PJ4GR          Bonaire       20m; Digi
   SA-011    9Z4Y     Trinidad and Tobago 20m; SSB
   SA-099    PJ2SM          Tabar         20m; Digi

  ** Thanks to the individuals who put the island/group and mode
     on their QSNs on the PacketCluster reports...

AS-155. Bruce, BV2KI, who originally wanted to be active from PengHu Island (AS-103), will now be active as BV0WPX from Liu-Chiu Yu Island, Taiwan, during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) as a Single-Op/Island-DXpedition/Assisted entry. QSL via BV2KI by the Bureau or ClubLog.


EU-025. Joe, IT9RZU, will be active from Sicily Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/ CW-Mode/24-HRs/Low-Power entry. QSL via ClubLog or LoTW.

EU-029. Palle, OZ2PBS, will once again be active from Zealand Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) as a Single-Op/ All-Вand/Assisted/High-Power entry. QSL via OZ2PBS, direct, by the Bureau or LoTW.

Stevns Klint.jpg

EU-042. Mike, DG5LAC, will once again be active as DG5LAC/P from Hooge Island (DLFF-0013 Wadden Sea) between July 24-28th. Activity will be on SSB and FT8/FT4. He will also be in the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th). QSL via DG5LAC, direct, by the Bureau, ClubLog’s OQRS, LoTW, eQSL or ClubLog’s OQRS.

Hallig Hooge 2005.jpg

EU-054. Pippo, IT9PPG, will once again be active as IF9A from Favignana Island (IIA TP-011, MIA MI-025, WLOTA LH-1545) during the RSGB IOTA Contest as (July 25-26th) as a Single-Op/DXpedition/20m/Assisted/Low-Power entry. QSL via the Bureau.

EU-096. Jukka, OH3OJ, will be active as OH3OJ/1 from Kaurissalo Island between July 30th and August 4th. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using CW, SSB, and FT8/FT4. View his portable equipment on his QRZ.com page. QSL via his home callsign, LoTW and eQSL.

OH3OJ/1 Kaurissalo Island

EU-132. Kuba, SQ6NEJ, will once again be active from Wolin Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) as a Single-Op/40-10m/SSB-Mode entry using 500w and GP antenna. QSL via SQ6NEJ.

EU-146. Ivan, ON4IBM, will once again be active as PA/ON4IBM from Schouwen Duiveland during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) usually as a Single-Op/SSB-Mode/24-Hrs/High-Power entry. QSL via ON4IBM.

EU-167. Members of the Portuguese DX Group (GPDX) will be active as CS5DX (GPDX callsign) from Pessegueiro Island [IM57ou] between July 25-26th. The team feels this is perhaps a new one during the IOTA Contest. Focus will be on 40/20/15/10 meters, but if 6 meters is open they’ll get on! Access and stay overnight on the island is now very restricted as it is located inside the Natural Park of Sudoeste Alentejano/Costa Vicentina, so also valid as #CT-FF012, DIP (Portuguese Islands Award) #BA-001 and DCFP (Portuguese Castles and Fortresses Award) #F-043. Their modes will be CW, SSB and FT8. Operators mentioned are Luis/CT1EEQ, Arlindo/CT1EGW, Duarte/CT1FPA and Luis/CT4NH. QSL via CS5DX direct (QRZ.COM address) or ClubLog’s OQRS.

NA-058. Operators Andy/AA5JF and son Sage/KO4BUR will be active as AA5JF/4 from Jekyll Island between July 23-26th. Activity will be holiday style on various HF bands (focus on 40/30/20m, but if 6m is open, they will try it) using CW and FT8/4. Look for them to be in the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) as a Multi-Single/Mixed-Mode entry. QSL via AA5JF direct. Look for logs to be uploaded to ClubLog and cards will be printed and probably available late August. Please send SASE or SAE + 1 USD.

Jekyll Island.jpg

NA-079. (Postponed) Operators Matt/AE4MQ, Grace/KE3G, Zachary/KN4KVC, Michael/N3KPU, Connor/W4IPC and James/WX4TV who was expected to be active as N4T from the Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, between July 21-24th, have postponed their operation and tenta-tively rescheduled for December 2020. For more details, see: https://hamradioadventures.com/upcoming-adventures/dry-tortugas-trip

NA-144. Oleh, KD7WPJ, will be active from Anacapa Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th) as a Single-Op/Mixed-Mode/12-Hrs/Low-Power entry. QSL via KD7WPJ.

©Tim Hauf, timhaufphotography.com

ADDED NOTE ABOUT THE RSGB CONTEST (July 25-26th): Per the RSGB Contest Committee, the IOTA Contest this year is exclusively for Single-Operators using their home stations, and only «Single Operator Fixed Island» stations and «Single Operator Fixed World» stations will be eligible to enter. Full details of the IOTA Contest, including the rules, can be obtained from the RSGB at: https://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2020/riota.shtml

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Webmasters of the new have decided NOT to post or dedicate a Web page to announce upcoming IOTA operations, PLEASE send your IOTA operations information to the OPDX, and we will post it here in an upcoming bulletin.

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