Обзор самых удачных ссылок (Top links) за неделю

Обзор самых удачных ссылок с радиолюбительской тематикой выходит в конце каждой недели, как правило каждую субботу. Он включает в себя всевозможные темы и может быть полезен радиолюбителям с различными направлениями в нашем хобби. 

Приятного просмотра и удачных ссылок:

AO-92 commissioned, open for Amateur use
Initially, the U/v FM transponder will be open continuously for a period of one week. After the first week, operations will be scheduled among the U/v FM transponder, L-Band Downshifter, Virginia Tech Camera, and the University of Iowa’s High Energy Radiation CubeSat Instrument (HERCI).

Blinded by the light: The solar panel tariff
There are a few things off grid amateur radio operators need to know about the solar panel tariff.

PicSat requests Ham Radio assistance to capture telemetry
The CubeSat PicSat carrying an amateur radio FM transponder was launched on the same PSLV-C40 flight from India that delivered AO-92 to orbit.

A better antenna for dualband handhelds
Recently, I wondered how well the antenna is really performing so I did a side-by-side comparison with the Smiley 2m halfwave.

Massive 78-year-old transmitter for sale
A piece of radio history could be yours for $5,000. A 1940 RCA 50 kW shortwave transmitter, located at the decommissioned Radio Canada International Site in Sackville, is up for sale.

A grave threat to GPS
In the coming months, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may allow high-powered, ground-based, communication transmitters to broadcast at a frequency near GPS L1.

Visualizing satellite doppler shift
Doppler Shift is experienced as the satellite (wave source) is moving relative to you, the observer (or receiver) of the transmitted wavelength.

Do shortwave ‘Numbers Stations’ really instruct spies?
Today, numbers stations remain a reality on shortwave radio, even in the Internet Age.


Pre-planning for the ARRL VHF Contest

Indoor attic dipole antenna
Trying out an antenna for Ham Radio in the attic.

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