Острова в эфире — IOTA News 25.10.2020

Опубликована информация об активности радиолюбителей с островов по дипломной программе «Islands On The Air» (IOTA). Собрана она Tedd’ом Mirgliotta KB8NW, по сообщениям от друзей программы. Также перечислены действующие операции IOTA, которые были активны с 18 по 22 октября (согласно DXCluster). Изображения добавлены из других различных источников.

IOTA News from OPDX

25 October, 2020



CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

Island activities:

    IOTA     Callsign     Island/GROUP            Bands/Modes
   ------    ----------   -------------           ------------
   AF-004    EA8DEJ       CANARY                  15m; FT8
   AF-004    EA8DKV       CANARY                  15m; FT8
   AF-004    EA8JK        CANARY                  17m; SSB
   AF-004    EA8NF        CANARY                  17m; SSB
   AF-013    5R8AL        Madagascar              12m; CW
   AF-016    FR4QT        REUNION                 15m; SSB
   AF-022    ZD7BG        St. Helena              17m; CW
   AF-024    S79KW        INNER                   20m; FT8
   AF-024    S79VU        INNER                   20m; SSB
   AF-049    3B8CW        MAURITIUS               12m; FT8
   AS-004    5B4AAB       CYPRUS                  15m; FT8
   AS-004    5B4VL        CYPRUS                  15m; SSB
   AS-007    JA2FSM       HONSHU                  40m; RTTY
   AS-007    JF2RDG       HONSHU                  20m; FT8
   AS-007    JH1EDD       HONSHU                  20m; FT8
   AS-007    JH1HRJ       HONSHU                  20m; SSB
   AS-007    JE1RXJ       HONSHU                  40m; SSB
   AS-007    JA4CUU       HONSHU                  160m;
   AS-007    JH3NGD       HONSHU                  17m; SSB
   AS-013    8Q7PR        MALDIVE                 40m; FT8
   AS-041    JA4DND/4     Oki                     30m; FT8
   EU-005    G7SQW/P      GREAT BRITAIN           40m;
   EU-005    MX0SNB       GREAT BRITAIN           40m; SSB
   EU-009    GM8OFQ       ORKNEY                  15m; SSB
   EU-013    GJ0KYZ       JERSEY                  30/12m; FT8
   EU-015    SV9ANK       CRETE                   17m; SSB
   EU-015    SV9GPV       CRETE                   15m; SSB
   EU-016    9A4W         DALMATIA SOUTH          20m; CW
   EU-018    OY1CT        FAROE                   20m; CW
   EU-018    OY1OF        FAROE                   15m; SSB
   EU-020    SB5RAFS/LH   GOTLAND COUNTY          80m; SSB
   EU-020    SF1Z         GOTLAND COUNTY          20m; CW
   EU-021    TF1A         ICELAND                 15m; FT8
   EU-021    TF2MSN       ICELAND                 17m; FT8
   EU-023    9H1TT        MALTA                   40m; SSB
   EU-023    9H1CG        MALTA                   40m; CW
   EU-024    IS0DCR       SARDINIA                10m; FT8
   EU-024    IS0GGA       SARDINIA                17m; SSB
   EU-024    IS0HMZ       SARDINIA                40m; SSB
   EU-024    IS0KNG       SARDINIA                15m; FT8
   EU-024    IS0XCU       SARDINIA                17m; CW
   EU-025    IT9JAV       SICILY                  40m; SSB
   EU-026    JW/LB1QI     Spitsbergen             40/20/17m; CW/SSB
   EU-031    IC8HRG       CAMPANIA REGION         15m; SSB
   EU-031    IC8AIK       Ischia                  160m;
   EU-046    LA6KOA       TROMS COUNTY            17m; SSB
   EU-074    F4HJO/P      Brehat                  80/40/20/17M; SSB
   EU-113    SV8/DJ4EL    Makrokythira            40/20/17m; SSB
   EU-131    IK3PQH/P     VENETO REGION           40m; SSB
   EU-137    GD0TEP       SKANE COUNTY            80m; FT8
   EU-172    OZ7PR/P      JYLLAND EAST AND FYN    40m; SSB
   EU-175    CU3EM        CENTRAL                 40m; FT8
   NA-005    VP9/N1SNB    BERMUDA                 40m; CW/SSB
   NA-015    CM2XN        CUBA                    10m; SSB
   NA-016    ZF2LZ        CAYMAN                  15m; SSB
   NA-018    XP3A         GREENLAND               15m; FT8
   NA-026    W2LCW        NEW YORK STATE          20m; CW
   NA-027    VO1AW        NEWFOUNDLAND            15m; FT8
   NA-096    HI8AT        HISPANIOLA              10m; SSB
   NA-099    NP3IR        PUERTO RICO             10m; FT8
   NA-099    KP4VET       PUERTO RICO             10m; SSB
   NA-099    NP4JM        PUERTO RICO             10m; SSB
   NA-101    J73WA        DOMINICA                15m; FT8
   NA-102    FG8OJ        GUADELOUPE              20m; FT8
   NA-108    J69BP        ST LUCIA                20m; FT8
   NA-168    KD5PCK       Grand                   20m; SSB
   OC-001    VK3IO        AUSTRALIA               30m; CW
   OC-009    T88SS        PALAU                   80m; FT8
   OC-021    YB0IBM       Java                    15m; SSB
   OC-021    YB1MIG       Java                    40m; RTTY
   OC-021    YC1IU        Java                    40m; RTTY
   OC-021    YB3DXG       Java                    30m; CW
   OC-022    YC9FAO       BALI                    20m; FT8
   OC-036    ZL2AIM       NORTH                   40m; CW
   OC-088    YD7ACD       Borneo                  40m; RTTY
   OC-143    YB4FIK       Sumatra                 40m; RTTY
   OC-143    YB4KAR       Sumatra                 40m; RTTY
   OC-143    YB4KRZ       Sumatra                 40m; RTTY
   OC-150    YC9JQZ       TENGGARA BARAT          20m; FT8
   SA-006    PJ4DX        BONAIRE                 15m; SSB
   SA-011    9Z4FE        TRINIDAD                17/15m; SSB
   SA-036    P40W         ARUBA                   40m; CW

  ** Thanks to the individuals who put the island/group and mode on their QSNs on their PacketCluster reports.

AS-041. Operators Hiromi/JA4DND, Harumi/JR4OZR and Yuji/JA5ROH are now active as JA4DND/4, JR4OZR/4 and JA5ROH/4, from Oki Islands possibly until October 26th. Activity will be on 80-10 meters using CW and FT8. QSL via their home callsign through the JARL QSL Bureau.

EU-054. Giuseppe «Joe», IT9WDC, will be active as IF9A from Favignana Island (IIA TP-011, MIA MI-025, WLOTA LH-1545) during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest as (October 24-25th). QSL via IT9ATF.

OC-130. Waldo, DU9WTZ, just received the contest callsign DX9MM, and plans to be active from Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao Island, Philippines. during various contests. QSL via DU9WTZ.

OC-275. Members of the YB LAND DX Club of Indonesia, and from the ORARI Daerah Papua/Lokal Merauke will be active as 7H9H from Habe Island in West Papua between October 25th and November 1st. Activity wil be on various HF bands.

OC-298. (TX0T Tatakoto Atoll Update) Cezar, VE3LYC, reported on October 21st and 22nd, the following:
21st — «In order to comply with current entry requirements of French Polynesia, I need to take a Covid-19 test on Friday, three days in advance of my departure flight. I am scheduled for it at 9:50 am. There is no such thing here as a ?rapid? test, so the results are not guaranteed to be available by Monday morning, but I was told that most of them come within 24 to 48 hours. Fingers crossed!»
22nd — All equipment is now packed and ready to go. I will have two large suitcases, a computer bag, and a long bag with the telescopic poles. The TX0T operation is expected to take place between October 29th and November 5th. For more details and updates, see: https://tx0t.weebly.com

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Webmasters of the new have decided NOT to post or dedicate a Web page to announce upcoming IOTA operations, PLEASE send your IOTA operations information to the OPDX, and we will post it here in an upcoming bulletin.

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