CQ World Wide DX Contest 2018

В выходные дни (27/28 октября) проходит телефонный этап (SSB) CQ World Wide DX Contest. Вместе со своей CW частью в ноябре, он привлекает более 35 000 участников. Удачи всем, у кого есть возможность и желание быть участником этого грандиозного события.

Здесь информация от DARC об участниках CQ World Wide DX Contest в SSB туре:

4L, Georgia:
Mamuka/4L2M will be active in the contest single-band on 20m. QSL
via EA7FTR.

5H, Tanzania:
Maurizio/IK2GZU operates as 5H3MB from Ilembula between Oct. 24 and
Nov. 28. QSL via IK2GZU (d/B), ClubLog OQRS, LoTW, eQSL.

5W, Samoa:
Hiro/JF1OCQ and Mark/JJ1TBB will be signing 5W7X and 5W0TB
respectively from Samoa (OC-097) between Oct. 27 and Nov. 6. QRV on
160-10m on CW, SSB, and FT8. They are also planning a visit to Pago
Pago/American Samoa (OC-045) with the callsigns W1VX/KH8 and KH8C.
QSL for 5W7X, 5W0TB, and W1VX/KH8 via JG1OCQ; KH8C via LoTW.

8P, Barbados:
Charles/8P6ET joins the contest from Barbados (NA-021, WW Loc.
GK03ec, zone 8) as 8P1W on all bands. QSL via KU9C.

9Y, Trinidad and Tobago:
Chris/9Y4D plans to represent Trinidad (SA-011) in the contest on
15m. QSL via 9Y4D, LoTW.

CO, Cuba:
Alexei/CO2XK, Lazaro/CO2WL, and Amed/CO2AME will be active together
in the contest as T42W. QRV on HF before and after between the 25th
and 29th.

CU, Azores:
Wolf/OE2VEL is going to participate in the contest as CR2L from the
Azores (EU-175). QSL via LoTW.

D4, Cape Verde:
be the operators behind D4C in the contest. QRV before the weekend
as D4Z and/or D41CV. QSL via IK2NCJ (B), LoTW. http://d4c.cc/

E4, Palestine:
Janusz/SP9FIH will be active in the contest on 20m as E44WE. QSL
via SP9FIH.

F, France:
The special event station TM4RUM draws attention to the
transatlantic solo sailing race «Route du Rhum» between Oct. 25 and
Nov. 5. QSL via F4AVX (d/B), ClubLog OQRS. http://tm4rum.arace.fr/

FH, Mayotte:
Willi/DJ7RJ will be operating as FH/DJ7RJ from Mayotte (AF-027)
between Oct. 29 and Nov. 6. QRV on 160-10m on CW and SSB, with a
focus on 160. QSL via DJ7RJ (d/B).

FM, Martinique:
Hideto/JF2QNM will be active as TO1J from Martinique (NA-107, DIFO
FM-001) between the 24th and 30th. Before and after the contest he
plans to concentrate on the WARC bands (SSB, CW). QSL via JF2QNM

FY, French Guiana:
FY5KE, operated by FY5FY, F4CWN, F5HRY, F5MZN, F5UII, and F1HAR,
will be activated from Kourou (zone 9). QSL via LoTW.

GD, Isle of Man:
Mark/M0DXR will participate in the contest as GD9W from the Isle of
Man (EU-116) on all bands.

GU, Guernsey:
Oleg/RL5D operates the contest as GU3HFN on all bands. QSL via
bureau, GU8ITE (d).

JD, Ogasawara:
Kazu/JD1BNA will be active from Hahajima (AS-031) between the 24th
and 29th with a focus on 160, 80, and 40m (CW). QSL via JL1UTS (d).

KH6, Hawaii:
James/N6TJ joins the contest fray as KH7M from Hawaii (OC-019) on
all bands. QSL via N6TJ (d/B).

KH6, Hawaii:
Albert/F5VHJ will be active in the contest as NH7A (OC-019). QSL
via F5VHJ, ClubLog, LoTW.

KP2, Virgin Islands:
Yurij/N2TTA operates the contest once more as NP2P from the Virgin
Islands (NA-106, USi VI002S, zone 8). QSL via LoTW.

OZ, Denmark:
Andreas/DL7AT, Olaf/DL4HG, and Uwe/DL8UD are going to pay Roemoe
(EU-125) a visit for the contest. QRV as OZ0TX. QSL via DL7AT

S9, Sao Tome and Principe:
Jorge/CT1BOL stays on Principe Island (AF-044, WW Loc. JJ31qq) from
the 24th until the 29th. QRV as S9CT; QSL via CT1BOL.

VP2M, Montserrat:
Jim/AL7BA (VP2MAL), George/K2DM (VP2MDG), Frank/KA1AF (VP2MAF), and
Dennis/N0SMX (VP2MMX) take part in the contest together as VP2MDG.
QRV from the 25th until the 29th.

VP5, Turks and Caicos Islands:
VP5W will be operated by Irwin/KD3TB, Andrew/KD3RF, and
Michael/W3MAS from Providenciales (NA-002). QSL via KD3TB, LoTW.

VP9, Bermuda:
Les/N1SV and Ed/W1ZZ will be signing VP9/homecalls from Bermuda
(NA-005) between the 24th and 28th. QRV in the contest as VP9I. QSL
for VP9I via WW3S, LoTW.

VR, Hong Kong:
Alberto/VR2XAN will be active in the contest on 80m single-band
from Peng Chau Island (AS-006, zone 24). QSL via VR2XAN (d).

YJ, Vanuatu:
Chris/VK2YUS retuturns to Efate (OC-035) for Oct. 25 to 29. QRV as
YJ0CA on 40, 20, and 15m. QSL via VK2YUS (d).

Z2, Zimbabwe:
The Mediterraneo DX Club goes on a DXpedition to Zimbabwe from Oct.
26 until Nov. 5. QRV as Z23MD with 5 rigs (2xCW, 2xSSB, 1xRTTY).
QSL via IK2VUC (d/B). http://www.mdxc.org/z23md/

ZF, Cayman Islands:
A team consisting of JH1NBN, N6MJ, K7ZO, KK6NON, KI6RRN, and KI6SMX
plans to take part in the contest with the callsign ZF1A from
Cayman Island (NA-016, WW Loc. EK99ig, zone 8). QSL via LoTW, K6AM

Thanks to DXNL for the avove information

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